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Christian Blog Ranking Report for August 09 – Tumeke

September 30th, 2009 by Madeleine

Here are the top 10 NZ Christian blogs based on Tumeke’s NZ blog stats for August; these stats are used in the calculations for the MandM top 10 NZ Christian Blog rankings for August 09:

Top 10 Tumeke. name of blog Tumeke rank

Of Note:

Note: This list only includes Christian blogs that openly identify as Christian blogs on Tumeke’s ranking descriptions. If you think your blog should be included contact Tim Selwyn of Tumeke and ask him to change your blog description to include something identifiably Christian on his rankings.

Now that Tumeke’s August stats are out we will compare them with the HalfDone August report and publish the overall MandM top 10 NZ Christian Blog rankings for August 09 shortly.

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  • MacDoctor is missing from this list – he’ll be no 1!

  • Macdoctor is also doing well on the new NZ Science blogging platform (Sciblogs) at MacDoctor and in the NZ blogs sitemeter ranks (
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  • Yes he would be if he were openly Christian on Tumeke’s list which he is not.

    There are other Christians who blog in NZ who I don’t rank at all, Whaleoil, Dave Crampton, etc. but I omit them because they do not openly profess faith on the rankings, they fail the overtness test. If got into the practice of making exceptions for MacDoctor then it is hard to then justify my other exclusions.

    Also there is the practicality thing. There are hundreds of blogs, I don’t want to have to visit each one and read it for several weeks to see if I deem it Christian enough to be included. I go to Tumeke, I hit control F, I enter Christian and Church and theology, words like that and search out all the blogs that come up. That’s why I say if you think you should be on this list get your description changed to something identifiably Christian.

    MacDoctor is overtly Christian on ScrubOne’s stats, hence his inclusion in the top 10 overall with both his Tumeke and Halfdone scores factored in.

    I have in the past given Jim blatant reminders both face to face at dinner at ScrubOne’s house and on these reports; he always says he must get around to contacting Tim so when he does I’ll include him.
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  • Ok, not being argumentative or anything, more just trying to understand this. How is MacDoctor Christian on Scrubone’s stats but not on Tumeke’s? Is there a different measure on both?

  • Pure speculation here but I think it is probably as simple as the fact that ScrubOne is a Christian so he pays closer attention to who is and who is not than Tumeke does.

    That and both just grab a site’s URL, name, tag line and author details and go from there to add them to their rankings. If a site contacts them and asks to be defined slightly differently, both will oblige.

    MacDoctor’s tagline and bio are not overtly Christian which is probably why his do not show up that way on Tumeke but ScrubOne reads MacDoctor and has noticed the overt Christian content at times and of course knows him in real life.

    Also ScrubOne seems to be more into getting the categories accurate for everyone, he actively emails sites to ask whereas Tim just puts ?? when he does not know and leaves it for the site to contact him.

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  • Could you help out someone who is completely ignorant…. I have just started to create a blog and can’t work out how to list it on the sites you mentioned above.

  • Email Tim Selwyn of Tumeke and give him the relevant details that he lists for blogs – blog URL, blog title, bio line, names of bloggers and then the comprehensive worldview of each blogger and their political leaning.

    Email ScrubOne and give him your URL and what classification from his system your blog best fits under.

    If you cannot locate their email addresses on their blogs either email me and I’ll give them to you or just leave a message on a recent blog rankings blogpost with the details. Both of them happily accept submissions that way.

    So that they can rank you:

    Make sure you blog is listed in Technorati. Then get other blogs who are also listed to add you to their blogrolls and link to you so you get a technorati score (best way to pull that off is ask those who will help you and link to those who will then notice you and hopefully link back – most bloggers track incoming links so they notice very fast if you link to them).

    Check Alexa has registered your blog – this might mean some googling if it is not to work out how to get it to register – probably install the Alexa toolbar then visit your own site is the best bet.

    Get a stat counter working on your blog that Tim can check into each month – he won’t rank you until he can observe 1 full calendar month of your stats, but still let him know you exist in the mean time.

    Happy blogging! Feel free to post your link here so we can all check your blog out 😉

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  • ok – it is:

    (because I love the Jesus Seminar so much… not)

    I just created it last night so there is as yet very little actual content… but I hope to put a lot of biblical exegesis on it as well as reviews of geeky techy stuff/books/films

    I will get onto your hefty list of instructions as soon as I have got some real study done…. Cheers!

  • Maybe I should publish the “Top 50 Christian blogs in NZ” then I might have a chance! But as a rather lazy & occasional blogger, I can’t be arsed 😀
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  • Max add to your list:

    Find whatever makes that snap shot box thingy pop up when you mouseover a link and get rid of it. It makes lots of browsers freeze and crash so people will avoid sites they know have it if they have those types of browsers.

    You may need to edit your links as the url is showing up where the name should (thanks for the link). Keep the web address the same but change the name of the link to the text you want to show up. You’ll want to add more links too, it pays to link to blogs in your niche as they are more likely to link back and readers that enjoy your blog will like being able to move on directly to other blogs that are similar from yours.

    Your categories seem to be showing up as pages which is odd…

    BTW I really like your theme – I love the font used for the main text. I intend to work out what it is and use it here.

    Install this plugin: TinyMCE Advanced
    You’ll be able to fully justify your text and it has a handy copy and paste from Word function which strips out the gobbly gook among heaps of other helpful options.
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