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A Godless Public Square: Do ‘Private’ Christian Beliefs Have a Place in Public Life? on Video

August 26th, 2011 by MandM

Thinking Matters and Evangelical Union hosted an event at the University of Auckland for Jesus Week entitled A Godless Public Square: Do ‘Private’ Christian Beliefs Have a Place in Public Life? This event was essentially a conversation between Theology, Philosophy and Law on the topic of Religion in Public Life. It featured Matthew Flannagan – Analytic Theologian, Glenn Peoples – Philosopher and Madeleine Flannagan – Legal Scholar and was moderated Patt Brittenden. If you missed it you can now watch it on video.

Each speaker has published the speeches they wrote for this event:

Hat tip (and credit for filming and editing this video): Stuart at Thinking Matters.

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  • Whats the difference in Matt being a theologian and Glenno being a philosopher? Don’t they work on the same stuff coming from the same angles? Please explain.

  • Matt, is there a transcript available of this?

  • No there is no transcript. There are the three blog posts that contain the speeches we each spoke from…

  • Dicky P Matt holds a Masters in Philosophy and a PhD in Theology. Glenn holds a Masters in Theology and a PhD in Philosophy. They have similar research interests and approaches. However, their styles are different and they have different strengths that they bring to both their written and oral work.