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Matt and MadeleineWe hope that what we do within the blogosphere and beyond – with our formal publications, speaking engagements, debates, contribution to social commentary and in the one on one discussions we have with those we have met through these endeavors – serves more than simply fulfilling our own need to share the results of our respective tertiary training and the contents of our hearts and minds. We hope, God willing, that we are playing a small part in the transformation of our culture; that we are helping to shatter the erroneous stereotype that the Christian tradition cannot be rationally held, that Christianity has no place in sensible intellectual discussion and no place at the table of public discourse.

What we do takes a lot of our time and effort. We do it because we are passionate about the things we speak about and because we want to serve God with the giftings and the opportunities he has given us. The realities of life, however, remain.

Matt has, since graduating PhD in 2006, not been able to find full-time employment in his field and while Madeleine does work full-time her income is not high. She still suffers from chronic pain as a result of her 2008 car accident and cervical spine surgery and more recently she has developed Epilepsy. We are parents to 4 children and grandparents to 1. Two of our children have disabilities and while one is doing very well, the other still has a long way to go and cannot attend school.

So if you appreciate what we do, are in a position to and would like to support us with our current goals, which are centered on being able to find permanent, full-time employment and using our skills to serve God and His church, please prayerfully consider supporting us.

Our current employment goals:

  • To find Matt a full-time, permanent position using his talents in either a faculty or a para-church organisation anywhere in the world;
  • To do more speaking engagements, public lectures, symposiums, debates, talks with small groups, social commentary and to publish more articles in both popular and academic mediums.

If you have such a vacancy, even if you are small and somewhere obscure and cannot pay much contact us, we’ll consider anything!

We do not charge speakers fees (donations are appreciated of course) as we do not want to be out of reach for anyone wanting us to speak.

Cheques can be sent to:

M and M Flannagan
C/o PO Box 220
Auckland 0946
New Zealand

Direct credits, Automatic Payments and Wire Transfers can be sent to:

M and M Flannagan ANZ 011159 – 0131664 – 46

Credit Card and Pay-Pal donations can be received through the donate button in the side-bar.

Another way you can support us is to use us or promote us as speakers; if you are attending an event you think we’d make a good addition to that asks for feedback for future events, consider suggesting us. We’ll travel anywhere.

If you wish to ear-mark your donation for a specific purpose please include a reference  or drop us an email to mattflannagan @gmail dot com.