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Subway and MandM

September 3rd, 2008 by Madeleine

Hey! Andy just sent me this pic he snapped at Subway that made him think of us.

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  • This is a great pic as it is a reminder of you on more than one level.

    Big piles of chocolate chip biscuits are a good reminder that the hot photos of Madeleine on this blog are probably photos of her daughter she pretends are photos of her because she is such a big fattie (and now a big fat liar too about what she looks like).

    Come on Maddy show us a picture of what you really look like. But then of course no one would want to read your blog because looking at you would make them sick.

  • I don’t look that much like mum, actually…

    But thanks for the implication that i’m skinny 😀

    I see you don’t have a photo… howcome?


  • hahah, good call Sherry.