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Cross-Posting Warning

February 19th, 2009 by Madeleine

I am now occasionally posting over at Coping in a Technological World so just a warning there may be some cross-posting occurring going forward though I will refrain this time.

It is a great blog, full of all sorts of useful tips, so check it out sometime.

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  • What is not to like about firefox?

    Here are a couple of benefits.

  • I know there are a lot of benefits to FireFox but I don’t like how it makes webpages look, particularly the fonts.

    It sort of things the letters and makes them look rough instead of the much smoother appearance they have in Explorer. It is irritating on the eyes and grates me.

    Originally I thought the problem was just how FireFox displayed on my computer but having borrowed a few friends computers of late who use FireFox the problem is identical on theirs.

    FireFox might have additional features and all that but as I don’t use it I am not aware of what I am missing and Explorer meets my needs and makes the pages look nicer so I feel no compelling urge to change.

  • Hey all i was just wondering if you were interested in watching the new saw movie? I just watched it here for free and it was prty damn amazing
    quality for free!

    So if you havent seen this movie then check it out here! Also please dont share this link too much outside of this forum as it will probably die then.

  • How about security? IE is terrible on that front … believe me … you can get virus using IE just by loading a malicious website.

    And Firefox has got ad-ons for just about anything.