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Christian Carnival CCCXII

January 28th, 2010 by MandM

Welcome to MandM,  a New Zealand based philosophy of religion, ethics, theology, jurisprudence and social commentary blog and host of the CCCXXII edition of the Christian Carnival.

This edition of the carnival features a great selection of Christian blog postings from the past week around the web, so take a look around, peruse what is on offer and enjoy!

Enigman presents From the Incarnation to the Trinity posted at Enigmania.
“The doctrine of the Trinity is strange. Some Christians even think of it as the product more of ancient Greek philosophy than of the Incarnation. Enigman tries to make some sense of it, but the glass he sees through is very dark. Perhaps someone out there has some conceptual window cleaner?”

FMF presents The Prosperity Gospel posted at Free Money Finance.
“Does God promise all Christians wealth and riches?”

Bethyada presents The post-exilic chronology. Part 3: Is Darius Artaxerxes posted at True Paradigm.
“Traditionally the completion of the Jewish temple is attributed to the decrees of 3 kings: Cyrus, Darius, and Artaxerxes. All major Bible versions translate Ezra 6 in this manner. Bethyada argues that there were in fact only 2 kings.”

Dan Lower presents Week of Christian Unity: Day 3, Me (Dan Lower!) posted at keyboard theologians.
“This post was the one I made as part of the Week of Prayer for Christian unity.”

Rodney Olsen presents Compassion’s Tim Glenn live from Haiti posted at The Journey – Life : Faith : Family.
“Rodney Olsen interviewed Tim Glenn, the Director of Child Advocacy for Compassion in the US, on the urgent relief effort in Haiti. Rodney provides a podcast of the interview.”

Steven Demmler presents Historical Criticism and the Jesus Seminar posted at You Can’t Meant That!.
“Steven offers some critical comments on the Jesus Seminar.”

Barry Wallace presents A Challenging Pro-Life Sermon posted at Who Am I?.
“My pastor preached one of the most challenging pro-life sermons I’ve ever heard for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.”

Marcus Maher presents Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and Theological Method posted at Seeking the truth…
“Are baptism and the Lord’s Supper sacraments or ordinances? In this post I examine how theological method affects the way we answer that question.”

e-Mom presents Earthquakes & Eschatology posted at C h r y s a l i s.
“Earthquakes & Eschatology: God Has Not Destined Us for Wrath. The mother of all quakes is coming! This article discusses God’s ultimate search & rescue operation and his plans for the most amazing airlift ever.”

NCSue presents Do we “send the crowds away”? posted at In Him we Live and Move and Have our Being.
“A reflection on a lesser noticed aspect of the feeding of the 5,000.”

Brian Marchionni presents Surprised by Fasting posted at Boston Bible Geeks.
“Brian Marchionni reflects on a few aspects of fasting that he did not expect.”

Rey Reynoso presents Guest Blog: The Crux (Series Page) posted at The Bible Archive.
“I hosted a guestblogger who did a five part series on his view of the redemptive work of God in history which winds up being a progressive dispensational model. This is the collection of those five posts.”

April Feagley presents Reaching the Oasis posted at April in January.
“April reflects on her week at a youth retreat and how moments of spiritual renewal have the power to refresh us in our walks.”

Chris Brooks presents Weary in Doing Good 2 posted at Homeward Bound.
“Thoughts for when we’re just tired of trying.”

Ridge Burns presents United Airlines Flight 223, Part 1 posted at Ridge’s Blog.
“Ridge reflects upon a harrowing experience he had on a recent flight and the selfless actions that he and some other passengers engaged in.”

John presents The Strength of Uniqueness posted at Brain Cramps for God.
“An examination of equality and the Body of Christ”

Jeremy Pierce presents Basic Inerrancy posted at Parableman.
“Inerrancy is a thinner view than is often thought, and that makes it a stronger claim to deny it than is often thought.”

Rachel Stevenson presents Thoughts on Homesickness posted at Life, Lessons, and Ministry in the United Kingdom.
“Thoughts on homesickness and the longing to be back home with God.”

Christian Amit presents What is the Holy Spirit: Bible Doctrine posted at Bible Study Lessons & Topics.
“A bible study, with notes, on the holy spirit.”

Matthew Flannagan from this blog hoped to be able to bring you a followup to his post on Biblical Inerrancy from last week’s Carnival at Fish and Cans but our week has gotten away on us with pressing study deadlines and it isn’t quite edited. We’ll add a link when it is done on Friday.

If you would like to feature in the next Christian Carnival write a blog post this week and then submit it to the next edition of the Christian Carnival using the carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on the blog carnival index page.

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