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Fides Quaerens Intellectum: Faith Seeking Understanding

The MandM blog addresses philosophy of religion, ethics, theology, jurisprudence and social commentary from a Christian perspective, with a distinctly kiwi twist. MandM utilise a deliberate blend of academic and popular writings and mix it up with a good measure of dry humour in the hope that there will be something accessible for everyone in their pages.

Who are MandM?

Matt and Madeleine FlannaganMatthew and Madeleine Flannagan have four children and one grandchild. They are Evangelicals, with Reformed leanings. Both are adult converts.

Both were founding members of civil liberties student group, Student Choice, national leaders of tertiary student pro-life organisation, Students Organised to Uphold Life, and board members of research think tank, The Locke Foundation. They were elected as President and Vice-President of the University of Waikato’s Student Union.

Matthew is a teaching pastor at Takanini Community Church, Madeleine is a Barrister in Sole Practice. They both in apologetics promoting the rational defence of the Christian faith. Matthew researches and publishes in academic as well as popular forums; he also regularly speaks and gives papers in both as well.

MandM are available for public speaking, debates, lectures, symposiums – see videos of them speaking here. They can speak on a wide range of topics including philosophy, ethics, theology, apologetics, critical thinking and logic; Matt is available for preaching. Both have years of experience talking to audiences both lay and academic and can pitch their topic to suit any audience from children through to university level.

Individual Profile Pages

Matthew Flannagan
PhD – Analytic Theology (Thesis: Ethics)
MSocSci(Hons) – Philosophy of Religion (Thesis: Religious Epistemology)
BSocSci – Philosophy
DipTchg Sec – Religious Studies, Ethics, Philosophy, Critical Thinking
Teaching Pastor at Takanini Community Church

Madeleine Flannagan
LLB – Law


André Z
Undergrad – Philosophy and Science Major

Undergrad – Philosophy Major

John Tertullian
“A couple of post-grad degrees”

Machine Philosophy
BA – Philosophy
Doctoral Candidate – Philosophy of Religion

Diploma in Digital Animation

mattflannagan at gmail dot com

Matthew Flannagan
Madeleine Flannagan

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MandM_2 (Madeleine)