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Flannagans Leave the Deep South

June 14th, 2007 by Madeleine

In our online absence we have been rather busy relocating ourselves from Dunedin to Auckland. After 5 years down south we have left to be closer to family.

Its kinda funny cause I used to complain so much about it when we were there but we really miss Dunedin’s antarctic blasts and all the snow – at least down there you got a lot more blue sky and you saw the sun much more often than Auckland does (even if it felt like someone had thrown the sun’ heat switch). Up here it rains and it rains and the sky always has clouds. I shouldn’t complain too much, at least the power bill is much improved now and I can always get a good laugh at everyone complaining how cold it is when there is a low of 7!

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  • We are enjoying Auckland, something I never though I would say when I first left aged 16.
    We have a good church, good friends, we are close to family and there is a lot to do. We have acclimatised so we found today cold yet I bet it was a pathetic temperature to call cold for Dunedinites. If only the employment thing would open up then we would not be contemplating leaving.

  • Where there is work. Australian recruiting agencies, and UK ones, say they can place Matt in a religious ed teaching role in a heartbeat. Ideally though Matt would be in a tertiary context so even if we took an Aus or UK option Matt would continually be looking for a tertiary role which if he landed would mean another major move.

    Our preference is that he lands the tertiary role now so it is just one relocation and that is it or that he finds something here meaning we don’t have to relocate until a tertiary role opens up.

    The dream job would be a US institution as that US is where the latest developments in Matt’s field are happening but an NZ institution, private or state, would also be great.

    Something has to change though and fast, even if I win my hearing against ACC it is no way to live. So if we have to go to Aus or the UK in the mean time we are going – there is one possibility in Auckland that might open up in Jan, it is not ideal in a dream job sense but it would be satisfactory in terms of being a respectable position and adequate money so we’ll wait on that and of course if anything comes from Matt’s US travels and we’ll see.

  • How is Auckland life going these days?

  • Where you thinking of going?