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Go on and Rubberneck

April 26th, 2009 by Madeleine

In case you have noticed and wondered at the recent flurry of arrivals from Kiwiblog in the Live Traffic Feed you might click here and then once on the page use “control f” then type in “abortion” and then read the defamatory statement about me (and Matt) and the ensuing debate that began on Friday.

Do not think badly of David Farrar for not removing the statement. I asked him to leave it there as these statements, and variations of them, began 11 years ago when Matt and I were student politicians. They have not gone away despite us hiring lawyers, more than once, so maybe it is time to meet them head on and expose them for the lies they are.

The person posting under the name Blockhead helpfully happened to have documentation to hand that also clarified things so look out for his/her contributions. Oh, and feel free to make liberal use of the karma buttons on the site.

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