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MandM to hit Wellington: Speaking at the All for Life Workshop

October 2nd, 2009 by Madeleine

Matt and I are having a weekend in Wellington.

On Saturday 28 November we’re speaking at the All for Life Workshop; we’ll be giving a “how to” critique the common philosophical arguments for abortion rights by highlighting the flaws in the reasoning and turning the logic back on itself.

Also speaking are Brendan Malone, Bob McCoskrie, Andy Moore and Brian Whittaker. Registration is free, details are at the link above.

We’re keen to do some Wellington bloggers drinks on the Friday night – if others are keen let us know!

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  • This is a blogger’s drinks I will be able to attend 🙂
    .-= My last blog-post ..Bradford to Leave Parliament =-.

  • Hmmmm… I’ll have to think about it. We live quite a way out of Wellington, so there would be organisational issues (ie what to do with the children) and then my aversion to bars, I just normally don’t go into them. But, worth considering.

    And then there is my secret identity! Being anonymous has it’s advantages!

  • I’m not a huge bar person either but the bar we do bloggers drinks at up here is very nice; very sophisticated, people are well dressed, well mannered, you can hear the conversation, it is nothing like what one envisages when one thinks ‘pub.’

    We probably need a local who knows of a similar venue – I was thinking the Back Bencher just because it is so cool and I love it and have not been there in years but not sure how packed it would be on a Friday. My plan is to contact whoever organises the semi-irregular wellington bloggers drinks and pick a venue from there.

    As for anonymity, some who turn up just introduce themselves as their blog name and unless someone recognises them no one then has a clue. Even when someone learns someone who is usually anonymous’s real name people tend to keep it private.

    We are around from Friday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon so we could always meet separately. My plan was socialise Friday and Saturday nights – bloggers drinks on Fri and then whatever comes up on Sat. Then, obviously, we have the speaking engagement on the Saturday day which is out of the heart of Wellington – not sure if it is nearer you or not? And then shopping and site-seeing on the Sunday.

  • Excellent, we could have bloggers drinks on 27 November -a Friday. I could make it after 8:30pm…. We could celebrate the 10th anniversary that Helen Clark became PM – 27/11/99 bwhahahaha!!!
    .-= My last blog-post .. =-.

  • I could be in … bit soon to lock it into my diary though

  • If you are planning to head to this meeting – read my blog post first – it might save you a lot of time 😉

  • We are probably more doing common objections as opposed to exegetical biblical arguments – you know, “my body my choice,” the backstreet argument, “it’s small,” the rape argument, preventing child abuse, etc.
    .-= My last blog-post ..Message From Cactus =-.

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  • Home Again…

    Just got back home after speaking at the All for Life formation event.

    … a great pro-life formation event – it really was an awesome day that was well attended.

    Matt and Madeline were in top form!…

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