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Oxford Calling… Can you Help Glenn Peoples?

April 9th, 2010 by Madeleine

The 18th Conference of the European Society of the Philosophy of Religion at the University of Oxford is on “Religion in the Public Square” and will feature my favourite philosopher (next to Matt of course) Professor Nicholas Wolterstorff and New Zealand’s own Glenn Peoples who blogs and produces brilliant podcasts at Say Hello to my Little Friend. Back in February Glenn blogged of his interest in giving a paper to this conference and of his intention, if accepted, to find a way there.

The first hurdle was to get his paper accepted, which is no small feat but one that Glenn has pulled off – well done Glenn!

The second hurdle is to raise the funds to get there, which is a work in progress…

Glenn’s situation is much like Matt’s. Glenn holds a PhD in Philosophy and a Masters in Theology (the opposite way around to Matt). He is a very good Christian philosopher; I referenced him in my own philosophy of law paper on the subject, Matt has cited from him also  in several works (see our Glenn Peoples tag) and we both view Glenn’s blog to be MandM’s toughest competition in the NZ blog rankings for our niche .  Like Matt,  since graduating, Glenn has struggled to find work in his field. He currently works for the IRD and earns a very modest wage. Glenn is trying to find a position using his skills, if not in New Zealand, anywhere in the world so this conference is not only an opportunity for him to meet one of the world’s best living philosophers in Glenn’s field, it is not just an opportunity to have New Zealand Christian philosophy showcased at Oxford but it is a chance to help someone with a gift take another step towards using that gift to provide for his family and to support the broader church. Donations are currently being gathered and more information is available here if you would like to help and/or follow his progress.

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  • Works for the Devil aye Ha ha!
    He must be well aware of how rapacious the socialist state is.
    As a servant of the people I would hope Glen tries to minimize their burdens as much as possible.
    It is Ironic that several of Liberty’s greatest champions also have worked for the Beast! (IRD)….Tom Paine and Adam Smith just to name 2.
    And of course there was St Matt!
    Well done on getting your paper accepted at Oxford Glen!
    Very impressive…Dawkins home base is it not?
    I will have to check out some of your principles.
    Could you list a few of your core values here re your faith/ beliefs?
    Good luck with your ambitions.

  • Tim, my theology as a whole is fairly ordinary. I think the Nicene Creed is a decent summary of what I affirm when it comes to theology.

    I consider myself, theologically speaking, fairly conservative. I don’t see the pressing need that some seem to have to revise the teaching of Scripture in order to meet the needs of a more “inclusive” age. That being said, I also think that evangelicals should be more open minded than they are in many cases, realising that holding a different opinion on what a passage of Scripture teaches is not the same is rejecting biblical authority.

    I don’t know how specific I should be. Is there any subject area in particular that you’d like my position on?

    And don’t even get me started on the socialist state. Having seen as much as I have, I can only shake my head in total disbelief at those who call our current government “right wing.” Words have lost their meaning when people start talking that way.

  • I dont want to inquisition you Glen yet I would like to know if you grasp the difference between Christs and Peters Kingdom gospels to the Jews from Pauls mystery gospel of grace to the gentiles? and what is your final authority on matters of faith? and could you give us a hint of what your paper is about?
    Your conservatism is quite radical in this day and age and I salute you for it.
    What amazes me is that all this Godless socialism is assumed to be consistent with Christianity!
    Tim W

  • Well “Godless” socialism would not be compatible with Christianity now would it…

  • Tim, if you’re getting at what I think you’re getting at, then rather than beating around the bush I’ll just say that dispensationalism is heresy. The Gospels that Christ brought is the same Gospel taught by Peter and Christ’s first disciples, and it’s the same Gospel taught by Paul and John.

    I think the dispensational view that these are different Gospels may actually be so far gone that it does not qualify as Christian.

  • As a Libertarian I respect your right to hold beliefs that I disagree with Glen, but I must confess to believeing that no one can have a deep understand about the Bible esp the age of grace in which we live, without understanding the dispensational scheme of the scriptures and the clear distinctions and doctrinal differences between the various ages.
    This is not my place to expound on dispensationalism. I thank you for frankly stating your position…it is the traditional one of the English church and what most Kiwi Christians consider as Orthodox…I however dont place any faith in such a notions, but pursue the truth where it leads me… and it leads to freedom and grace, and individual self responciblity…making moral choices and reaping what I sow…having no need to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth.

  • I hope my little rant has not dissuaded anyone from supporting your endeavour. That was not my purpose. Nor am I surprised at your position on Dispensationalism, quite the reverse. I will see how my next pay check goes, and will make a donation myself if you are not too proud to accept help from a Heretic!

  • Oh don’t feel so bad Tim – I am a heretic too! It’s so hard not to be with all the intricate bits of gnosis we have to be careful of!

  • Congratulations Glenn.



  • M and M. Just emailed you now (in case I’m in your spam folder again!)