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The Voting is Over

November 8th, 2008 by Madeleine

Curiablog‘s final results:

National 59 (46.8%)
Labour 44 (34.6%)
Green 10 (8.1%)
ACT 3 (2.6%)
Maori 4 (2.4%)
United Future 1 (0.5%)
Progressive 1 (0.2%)

There will be an overhang so the magic number to chase is a majority of 122 seats.

Most likely formulae are:

National+ACT+United Future = 63 seats
Labour+Prog+Greens = 55 seats

Other possibilities could happen. The next days will tell.

Of note:

  • John Key is New Zealand’s new Prime Minister
  • Helen Clark is standing down
  • Labour will be in opposition with a new leader
  • NZ First and Winston Peters are gone
  • Roger Douglas is back
  • National List MPs include up to Conway Powell number 59
  • Labour List MPs include up to Stuart Nash number 36

(Special votes may affect some of the above a little)

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  • Breathing a sigh of relief here. I thought it would happen, but it feels good to have it official: Labour’s grip is no more. What we will have is of course very far from ideal, but it is SO obviously a step in the right direction.

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    The end of the regime indeed!

  • Glad to hear you folks gave Helen the boot.

  • Yeah well it was Matt’s birthday and I couldn’t think what to get him (he is hard to buy for) so I went, well he does want a change in government….