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Buckle your Belts as the ETS Arrives

July 1st, 2010 by Madeleine

The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) comes into force today.  It is still not clear who we’ll be trading anything with (that implies that there are other parties in the scheme) but what is clear is that we are now all paying, dearly, for the controversial science and policies that many of us reject.

Winter just got a lot colder in our house.

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  • Many of you reject it because you are too stupid to see the truth about this issue.

  • I rise on behalf of the National Party to give the good news to the people of New Zealand—that is, the Climate Change Response Amendment Bill is a load of rubbish and the National Party will not be supporting it, for very, very good reasons indeed.

    John Key, 2005

  • Oh how times have changed.

  • I see in the herald this morning that MP’s are probably getting a pay rise. Nice to see them tightening their belts to make a statement to the rest of the world.

  • You mean you are not comforted that at least our dear leaders will have the means to pay for the ETS’ impact on the cost of living?

  • Yep – and do you think any of them will refuse it? But to be fair – they don’t really get paid enough to go on holiday at the moment. And why should an MP have to pay for their family to travel with them like everyone else? They are some fo the brightest… um.. some of the most qulaif… um… some of the… they got voted… err… well they managed to get their name on a list! They earned every cent.

  • Wouldn’t it rock if an MP called for a vote on the proposition that all MP’s donated their 10% payrise to some research organisation to develop practical solutions to AGW?

    Let’s see how many of them will elect to put their money where they expect us to put ours?

    Wanna take a punt on the amount such a motion would be defeated by?

  • “Winter just got a lot colder in our house.” My heart cries for you! But, come on Madeleine. Bit hypocritical isn’t it? I seem to remember you had enough money to run every electric appliance in your hose on earth Day!

    As for controversial science – what a laugh. Haven’t you guys caught up – all this “climategate” smearing was found to be just that. A hoax.

    The last inquiry into the science exonerated Mann completely (see “Climategate” smears found false – Mann cleared).

    You guys shouldn’t have listened to the ACT Party, the Centre for political research, Ian Wishart and other conservative NZ bloggers (including some of the conservative Christian bloggers).

    What a scam! And what fools for going along for the ride.

  • Bringing in pseudo-science is a distraction in any case. The ETS is a political game, and an economic game.

  • Re Ken’s comment.

    Yes I find this wonderfully ironic. But I have come to expect contradictions and exceptions-when-it-comes-to-me-ism from the “liberals”

  • Quite imperious of Key, and once again, he is out of touch wtth the people on this one. How does the man sleep at night? Does he not have a conscious? They’re just all the same, though, liars, dishonest, power-hungry and falsely nice. It’s a shame that the people won’t rise up and revolt, this govt is past contempt…the UN must love Key! I got sick of him ages ago, I could sense that he was going to be worse than Labour Lite, the man is such a puppet.