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  • yeah, and as I heard countless of times: “make up your mind woman!” 😛

  • Good article 🙂 It is ironic! However, breast milk is much better for the baby 🙂 Especially when there is no clean water to mix the powder with. Nestle supplies mothers in the third world with milk powder so they will buy it instead of using their own milk, however since they don’t have clean water to mix it with it can cause waterborne diseases. 1.5 million babies die every year due to not being adequately breastfed.

  • I see. So even though breasts are part of a woman’s body and in fact tied up with a woman’s sexuality, a woman cannot use them however she likes if it might harm the baby.

    Oh the irony.

  • Not being aborted is so much better for the baby too 😉

    I am all for breast feeding, especially in third world countries not just because of the dirty water and cost issue but also because all the extra nutrition a child can get is gotta be good, that said, having personally experienced a guilt-trip assault from the breast-is-best mafia with my two youngest kids, I just could not resist pointing a finger at the inconsistency.

  • Breast feeding does not come easy for everyone and women should not be made to feel guilty over this issue. We tried to breast feed our 20 month old but it didn’t work out. We agonized over this because we wanted to badly to do what was best for him. We saw all kids of lactation consultants and spent money renting an expensive breast pump to try to do this right. Nothing worked. Guess what, our 20 month old is in the 95th percentile of height and weight and is extremely healthy. So I really don’t think we should make people feel guilty over this one with the exception of some very extreme circumstances that wouldn’t fit 99.99% of people reading this who have access to a computer, running water, and overhead lighting.

  • The title says, “My body my choice…” who said that? And why are they being brought into this debate?

  • Who says breasts can’t be functional *and* fun?…

    Would you rather: A) be sexy B) breastfeed There’s a lot of debate on this topic at the moment, but every article I’ve seen seems to miss one very important point: what about option C) both?…