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Free eBook “Is Christianity True?”

August 28th, 2010 by Madeleine

Not so long ago Apologetics 315 ran an essay series on the topic Is Christianity True? Twenty-three apologist bloggers contributed, Matt’s essay “Showing Christianity is True” was selected to be the concluding essay in the series, before Brian Auten’s conclusion.

23 Essays Exploring the Truth of Christianity

At the time, an audio version of each essay was created and the series was turned into a podcast. Now, Apologetics 315 have made the series available as a free ebook entitled, “23 Essays Exploring the Truth of Christianity.”

Kindle VersionMobiePubPDF.

Chris Reese – Foreword
Brian Auten – Introduction
Tawa Anderson – Does God Exist?
Jim Wallace – The Best Explanation
Wes Widner – Coherent, Consistent & Livable
Richard Gerhardt – The Failure of Naturalism
Bob Perry – Defrocking the Priests of Scientism
Peter Grice – Orthogonal Complexity
Chad Gross – Cumulative Reasons for Christianity
Shelby Cade – Prophecy and Resurrection
Luke Nix – Making Sense of the Resurrection
Aaron Brake – The Facts of the Resurrection
Amy Hall – The Historical Event of the Resurrection
James Patrick Holding – The Impossible Faith
Stephen J. Bedard – Christianity and Other Ancient Religions
Anthony Horvath – Christianity Proved by the Nature of the Jewish Nation
Mariano Grinbank – The Euthyphro Dichotomy
Marcus McElhaney – Christianity is Objectively True
Vocab MalonePaul D. Adams – The Gospels Tell Me So
Glenn Hendrickson – Christianity Explains Logic
Brian Colón – Atheism: A Falsified Hypothesis
Kyle Deming – Testing Christianity’s Core Truth Claims
Matthew Flannagan – Showing Christianity is True
Brian Auten – The Wise Man Seeks God

H/T: Thinking Matters

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  • The link for Matt’s paper is to the Apologetics 315 home page and not the paper. What would Richard Dawkins think about this mistake?

  • Thanks for spotting that, fixed now.

  • Dick Dawkins would say that the bad connection was the result of a random mutation and consequently neither the site it links to, nor the ebook itself was the product of an intelligent agent.

  • Thanks for posting this.
    I had not idea about all of these articles.

  • Free book on my website that exposes atheistic agenda of psychiatry and is testimony to the healing power of Christ in mental/physical illness (and hence the truth of the bible). Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry

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    Talks about healing, both mental & physical, through prayer and worship in Jesus’ name. Should be read by anyone interested in mental health, working in mental health, suffering from mental illness or knowing someone who is; musicians, new age healers, lawyers, Christians, Jews; anyone who wants to know more about God. Includes chapter on words and how they can speak curses and blessings-relevant to everyone. God had prophesied to me “I’M GONNA USE YOU TO WRITE A MANUAL” AND THEN HE SENT ME INTO THE MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM TO BE A WITNESS AGAINST IT. The mental health system is all fraud to sell drugs and get insurance money.

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    “If you believe in the bible, you’re mentally ill.” A court clinician told me this and sent me to a mental hospital for the first time. I was 42 years old. I have been in mental hospitals purely because I am a Christian who believes in Jesus and has a relationship with Jesus. That is a total violation of the 1st amendment constitutional right to freedom of religion.

    A doctor’s second question is always “Do you hear voices?” If you answer “Yes, God talks to me when I pray.” they are trained to call it an auditory hallucination and diagnose you psychotic. Christians get labeled Schizophrenic &Schizoaffective which are fictitious diseases. In the New Testament, Jesus said “my sheep hear my voice and I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27”. You are supposed to hear God talk to you, according to Christian theology. Actually, everyone hears voices, as thoughts in our heads. The word “inspiration” means “a spirit goes into it”. Thoughts come from the spiritual realm. The book of James ch 3 (NT) says there is “wisdom from above and wisdom from below”.

    Psychiatry is Atheism Masquerading as Science.
    They claim that mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances. This is a lie, fostered by the drug
    companies to market their drugs.The psychiatric drugs actually cause mental illness, not cure it. The
    handbooks of drugs state that a lot of anti-psychotic drugs actually can cause psychosis. This is because all drugs, including caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, potc, lsd, etc and psych meds, are openings for demonic spirits, which cause mental and physical illness. The solution, according to the bible, is prayer in Jesus’ name. His name has authority over demonic spirits. I have rebuked illnesses, both mental and physical. It works. There are many things that can be openings for demonic attack; such as sin, drugs, bad music, books, art, symbols, occult objects. When they are removed the oppression leaves. The book explains this in depth.

    Holding and drugging patients involuntarily is also a violation of the 8th amendment (cruel and unusual punishment) because the drugs amount to torture sometimes from the direct effect and the side effects, and the 13th amendment (anti-slavery) because patients are treated involuntarily as
    guinea pigs for the drugs. This is involuntary servitude which is slavery. Being drugged involuntarily is a crime like rape – a bodily violation. This also violates the UN Human Declaration on Human Rights, Article 3 which calls for life liberty and security of person.

    I have played the piano since age 3, improvising & writing music.
    I remember having this idea since childhood, that I was put on this
    earth to do music & it’s holy.

    Vision for Revival I lived in a church for 2 years, playing & singing at night. God healed me & gave me a loud singing voice. God wants there to be 24 hour worship in churches, to bring revival. Musicians need to be free of all drugs, to be sanctified for this work. Musicians are called to be
    prophets, to play & sing prayers to and from God. In the old testament, musicians were prophets. God wants the mental hospitals to be replaced by an empowered church that heals the sick.

  • I have listened to all of the Is Christianity True? podcasts and, with the notable exception of Matt’s essay, they are pathetic.