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Lawful Authority and Just Wars

June 16th, 2011 66 Comments

A reader pointed me to this interesting post on Pacifism and Just War Theory from Baylor University Philosophy Professor, Alexander Pruss. Interestingly Pruss offers an argument similar to the one I presented at a panel discussion on the ethics of war recently. In this discussion I suggested that traditional Christian Just War Theory follows from […]

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Alexander Pruss on Scientific Rigour

January 19th, 2011 166 Comments

Given the debate raging on JT’s Progressive Enslavement: The Seductions of Scientism I thought it timely to share this comment left on The Prosblogion by Baylor University Associate Professor of Philosophy and blogger Alexander Pruss, “Given the pessimistic meta-induction, or given the fact that we know that at least one of the two central theories in […]

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