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Goff on Labour’s Mistakes: What about Fixing a Few Phil?

September 11th, 2009 by Madeleine

I have got to give it to Phil Goff, the more I hear from him the more I like.

I grew up in a Social Credit family. I lived in Uncle Gary’s East Coast Bays electorate, my mum was even his electorate secretary at one point. I remember watching my father and uncle on the news protesting visiting nuclear ships, I went on nuclear-free marches when I was a kid, we rode on election floats waving green and yellow ribbons around the bays, my whole family would go out door to door canvassing and election days were spent working in polling offices crossing names of those who had voted off the electoral roll. I remember passionately cheering when Lange got elected and my aunt has been known to do a classic Jenny Shipley and Ruth Richardson ‘we hate the poor’ impersonation at the Christmas table. We were a left wing family and until last election, I was the only black sheep. (I voted left once, I gave the Alliance two ticks the first time I voted because I thought their tax policy was really clever [*yes I KNOW*] but then I was cured and have voted right ever since.)

So when my father who has voted Social Credit/Alliance/Greens/Labour his whole life told me he voted ACT and my stepmother voted National in the last election, I just about dropped the phone. He’d had enough. He had grown disillusioned with the left and the reason is pretty much summed up in Goff’s comments in today’s Herald article, “Goff admits: We made mistakes.”

So Goff is doing well. He has got my attention. Of course it will be a cold day in hell [well not really because I am a conditionalist – metaphorically speaking then] before he gets my vote, but talk is cheap; if Goff really, truly means what he is saying he might put his money where his mouth is and act (literally) he could start with backing Boscawen’s and Douglas’ Bills to select committee (though I suspect my old Waikato political adversary, colleague and fellow law student now Labour’s General Secretary Chris Flatt might have something to say about the latter).

Hat tip: Christian News New Zealand

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  • Quick question. I was reading your profiles and it appears you two have a lot of kids, a lot of liabilities and not a lot of income. Can you clarify if you currentlly receive Working for Families, ACC payments following Madeleine’s accident or any other form of state support?

  • QQ, browse through this site, you’ll find the answers. But why would you asked those questions anyway? What’s your point?

  • […] word. Homepaddock and Scrubone list other failings of Labour that could generate further apologies. Madeleine at M&M suggests that, rather than apologise, Goff could put a few things right. Don’t hold your […]

  • It will be interesting to see if Labour adopts this hair brained policy. I would appear that Labour is still going to allow the militant homosexual branch of the Labour Party to promote their failed sexual health policies. When homosexuals get their HIV down to what it is for heterosexuals then they may be in a position to they the rest of us how to behave.
    Condoms on Labour’s new to-do list
    4:00AM Sunday Sep 13, 2009
    By Patrick Gower

    Taxpayer-funded condoms at supermarkets, dairies and service stations are on today’s Labour Party agenda.
    But its rainbow sector group says it should only be for “basic” condoms – meaning the subsidy would not extend to the flavoured and ribbed varieties.

  • From kiwiblog:

    “A condom stands up to inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while it’s actually screwing you.”

    I’ve read/heard that quote before, but never thought that Labour will be the political party literally known as the condom party